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January 04, 2018

Search Terms give you a lot

Check search terms even in exact search match campaigns. There is hidden advertising potential for them

When using Exact Search Match, there is no guarantee that traffic will come from the exact keyword you specified. Note that this type of ad may contain variations of the main query with spaces (if applicable), plurals, and common typos or mistakes. All of  these keywords can be seen in Search Terms tab.

Although there is advertising potential for these selected keywords, their growth in organic search results is not noticeable! In addition, it is impossible to add those words as exact search match, since all belong to the main keyword by the keyword match type.

However, this trick makes it possible to overcome the restriction and drive growth in organic searches for these keywords. First, add all search terms as negative keywords. Next, create a new ad-group with a keyword from the search terms, and add all the others to negative. Thus, you will get, for example, 5 ad-groups containing one Search Match keyword at a time from the Search Terms list. Remember to add keywords to the application metadata in iTunes Connect.

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